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Business Mission

A business mission of Australian companies to Italy is certainly a key action for the effective creation of new synergies and business opportunities;

ICCI organises business missions

  • evaluates the feasibility of projects of Australian companies adhering to the mission;
  • defines the itinerary according to the companies’ product sector;
  • arranges the logistic and organisational aspects such as hotel, transfers, meeting rooms, interpreters, etc.;
  • translates participants’ profiles/projects into Italian;
  • defines the agreements with Italian institutional partners for the coordination and promotion of the initiative with local operators;
  • promotes directly the initiative with selection of enterprises;
  • arranges the individual meeting agenda with the Italian counterparts according to the proposed projects;
  • organises meetings with local trade associations and research institutes, or institutional meetings (through the channels of the competent Australian diplomatic mission);
  • organises visits to technology parks and areas of interest according to the sectors involved;
  • assists with qualified personnel for the entire duration of the mission.

For more information on the modality and participation costs please contact the ICCI Office or emaioffice@icci.asn.au