italian-qaulityOspitalità Italiana is a quality seal, the certification in hospitality recognized by the Italian Government.
Created in 1997 to protect consumers and promoting the traditions of Italian agricultural and food products and value Italian gastronomic culture, the network of certified enterprises includes more than 5,000 Italian hotels, restaurants and holiday farms. Overseas, the certification is restricted to restaurants and more than 1000 have been recognized worldwide and of those, eleven are in WA.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) invites the Italian Restaurants located in Western Australia to become part of this winning event, enjoying the many promotional actions linked to this project.
Requisite of Candidacy
The requisites originate from Ospitalita’ Italiana objectives that are:
–          To promoting the traditions of Italian agricultural and food products
–          To enhance the Italian gastronomic culture and the image of Italian Restaurants abroad
–          To guarantee the respect to standard quality of the Italian Hospitality
In order to achieve the goals above, a 10-points check list states the pre-requisites for the candidates:
1. The restaurant must engage at least one person able to interact with the clients in ltalian (verified during the evaluation visit) 
2. The place should have one or more typical Italian elements (picture to be attached to Form 1 – Registration Form)
3. The menu should be also written in correct Italian language (Menu’ File or photo to be attached to Form 1 – Registration Form)
4. The menu should mostly include (51%) of dishes and recipes of the Italian tradition (Menu’ File or photo to be attached to Form 1 – Registration Form)
5. Description of the ingredients of at least 5 recipes of the Italian tradition included in the menu. Indication of the Regions/Zones of origin of the ingredients that mostly characterizes
each recipe (Candidate written declaration using Form 2 – Recipe Description)
6. The wine list should include at least 20% of DOP italian wines (Wine List File or photo to be attached to Form 1 – Registration Form)
7. It should be foreseen for the customer the availability of extra virgin DOP olive oil (Candidate written declaration using Form 4 – DOP Product List)
8. The restaurant should have at least one person in the kitchen who could attest his/her own
experience/proficiency in Italian cooking (Candidate written declaration using Form 3 – Italian Cooking Experience)
9. The restaurant is required a commitment declaration to make known and enhance the culture and the instrument of the designation of origin, whether Italian or local
10.The restaurant is required to list the main DOP products used (Candidate written declaration using Form 4 – DOP Product List)
All the Restaurants approved by the Italian Certification Commission will receive the Ospitalita’ Italian Promotional pack – including a certificate, official plate and window decals – will be listed in all the participant internet portals and will participate to the Italian Restaurant In The World Award!
How to join Ospitalita’ Italiana
All the Italian Restaurant located in WA that cover the candidacy requisites are invited to joining Ospitalita’ Italiana!!! All forms and additional material must be lodged to ICCI.

Please contact ICCI by phone on or email to info@icci.asn.au. An ICCI representative will arrange to visit your restaurant in order to present the project in details, to help you with the application pack and to execute the evaluation visit.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Perth has just finalized the list Italian restaurants in WA based on strict quality standards that include: the use of certified ingredients of Italian origin, the presence of personnel able to interact with clients in Italian and other typical Italian elements, menu and wine list  that contain traditional and certified products including extra virgin olive oil and, of course, at least one person in the kitchen who can attest experience and proficiency in Italian cooking.

Browse the Ospitalità Italiana webiste for more information – www.10q.it

WA’s fourteen certified Italian Restaurants are:

Andiamo Restaurant | 2/18 Civic Blvd, 6168 Rockingham | 08 9592 9946

Davvero | Floreat Forum, 1 Howtree Pl, Floreat WA 6014 | 08 9387 2206

Galileo Buona Cucina | 199 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park | 08 9382 3343

Gargano Restaurant | 176 Stirling Hwy Nedlands | 08 9386 8933

Italians | 165 Walter Rd West Dianella | 08 9276 1262

La Sosta | 87 Market St, Fremantle | 08 9335 9193

Lo Zucchero | 4/316 The Boulevard, City Beach | 08 9285 1555

Maurizio’s Restaurant | 235, Fitzgerald St Perth | 08 9228 1646

Millioncino | 451, Murray St Perth | 08 9480 3884

Modo Mio | Crown Ent. Complex, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood | 08 9362 7777

Osteria dei Sapori | 151, Broadway Nedlands | 08 9386 4243

Perugino Restaurant | 77 Outram St, West Perth | 08 93864243

Threecoins | Shop 2/776 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley | 08 9271 6033

Villa D’Este Restaurant | 49 Outram St West Perth | 08 9322 6262

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